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Juicing Benefits - Some Important Facts You Should Know

There are a number of juicing benefits that one can get once he or she starts such a practice. These benefits include: 1. Juicing fights cancer - There have been studies done that show that fruits provide more benefits when they're taken fresh and the same thing could be said about vegetables whenever they're eaten raw. One can easily have these benefits through juicing. Extracting the juices from both fresh fruits and vegetables provides the body with much needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it speeds up the body's digestive processes. 2. Boosts the immune system - Because of the nutrients, vitamins as well as minerals that one can get when one undergoes juicing, the immune system gets a boost and when the immune system gets a boost, the body has a higher chance to fight off sickness and disease. Aside from this, the body will also be less likely to contract sicknesses and diseases. 3. Encourages the consumption of fruits and vegetables - Even though the public is aware about the importance of taking in fruits and vegetables, lots of people are still not doing it. Fortunately, juicing helps in attracting and encouraging people to take in more fruits and vegetables. Besides, there are quite a number of delicious recipes for juices, making juicing a lot more enticing. 4. Getting more enzymes - Fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices and/or a combination of both can provide the body with enzymes that it needs. This is because of the reason that fresh fruits and vegetables don't contain any chemicals and/or preservatives, in addition to them not undergoing any heat that could otherwise kill the enzymes. 5. Slows down aging - One of the juicing benefits is that it delays the process of aging. Fruit as well as vegetable juices contain high amounts of anti-oxidants that help in fighting off the hazardous effects that are the result of having free radicals in your body. A few of these benefits include strengthening your muscles, preventing the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and drying skin, from manifesting themselves, just to name a few. 6. It's a natural way for one to lose weight - Drinking both fresh fruit as well as fresh vegetable juices as a part of your plans to lose weight is proven safe, effective and, not to mention, economical. With these fresh juices, you're letting your body increase its metabolic levels in order to burn higher amounts of calories, making you lose all that excess weight in the process. Article Source:

Juicing Benefits - How to Obtain Them

Why is it necessary to understand juice benefits? From childhood until adulthood we have heard how valuable it is to eat vegetables. If one had a dollar every time mothers or fathers told us that, there would be a lot of extra money in one's life today. The latest statistics show people do not eat the daily amount recommended by health care providers. Obviously, if we are to improve health, we have to find a system to overcome and correct the deficiencies. Enter the super hero "the juicer". This basic apparatus is a motivator to produce fruit and vegetable nutrients, the easy way. The juicer makes it possible for us to get the juice benefits by separating the juice of a fruit or vegetable from its pulp. This allows us to drink vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes without indulging in heaps of vegetables on one's plate that are forced down at meal time. Just imagine, it requires 5 cups of chopped tomatoes (or other types of fruits and vegetables) to match one glass of juice. This represents a tremendous benefit. Be mindful that the vital elements found in fruits and vegetables are capable of curing many common illnesses that face us on a daily basis. Juicing puts us ahead of diseases by having the essential vitamins and minerals in the body system increasing ones immunity capabilities. A further benefit of juicing, is, various fruits and vegetables contain the vital essentials to remedy a difficulty we may have. A health care provider can certainly recommend a recipe that will do the job. Unfortunately, many people lack the time to juice, so they use an option of buying vegetable or fruit juices from the local market. Sadly these items are not suitable for their health, but packaged juices are so convenient to use, that good health is easily overlooked. Bottled juices are of questionable value as they are not made from fresh juice, but of fruit concentrates. Further, these juices are cooked to burn off bacteria. This will lessen the number of enzymes and vitamins offered in the finished product. The best place to get your juice is in the home, making your favorite recipes. One totally avoids the manufactured fresh juice at the market place and has the advantage of using money to buy fresh produce to juice instead. The argument about excessive time required to juice is not valid. Making the juice and cleaning the juicer afterwards is easily accomplished. It is not necessary to juice gallons of juice to get nutrients into your body system. Just a glass each day will do the job. The real juicing benefit is, one has produced fresh juice, providing the essential enzymes. Store bought juices had their enzymes boiled off when heated. Enjoy the healthy life. One has found the way to obtain the benefits from juicing. Article Source:

Noni Juice Benefits - Without the Hype!

The supplement industry likes to constantly move from miracle food to miracle food. You've probably read things about mangosteen, acai berries, hoodia, goji berries, and thelmak root, each claiming to be the biggest and best thing for health since we learned to walk upright. Now they've moved on to Noni juice benefits. That's not to say that Noni juice (or any of the other products mentioned above) are bad for you. To the contrary, all of these products have extensive benefits...but we've gotten tired of the hype, particularly when it comes to the former. First of all, Noni (also called the Great Morinad) is a tree that grows on a lot of South Pacific and Polynesian islands. It's originally native to Southeast Asia, and can handle a wide range of soils. It flowers and fruits all year long, and the fruit is very pungent smelling as it ripens - it's sometimes called the 'cheese fruit' because of this. The fruit pulp is strained to remove the seeds and used for a lot of Indonesian and Polynesian cooking, and Noni juice benefits are well known in traditional Asian medicine. Noni itself is a fruit juice. It's high in vitamin C and it has a number of compounds that are very high in antioxidants and phytochemicals, roughly comparable in dosage to an ounce of grape skins. Also, a glass of Noni juice has slightly less calories than a glass of orange juice. So, each glass of Noni juice benefits you with vitamin C as well as important antioxidants but with fewer calories than either orange juice or the equivalent amount of whole grapes. Now, these compounds all have benefits, they all exist in other food products. The specific Noni juice benefits come from the fact that you get them in one dose with fewer calories. As to the actual health benefits? Well, there's a laundry list to work from: First of all, like all foods high in Vitamin C, Noni has a noticeable impact in improving liver function and protecting the liver from damage. Similarly, it helps the body create more T-Cells and is a good immune system booster. There is anecdotal evidence from Linus Pauling that large doses of Vitamin C can also act to help ward off viruses. The antioxidant compounds within Noni juice are the same ones that have been proven to help cardiovascular health in lab mice and lab rats; they're also in the general category of 'toxin removers' that help eliminate free radicals, one of the things that promotes aging in the human body. Because Noni juice has both anti-oxidants and a decent amount of fructose, it's got the same "wake you up and clear fatigue" benefits that a lot of the 'energy drinks' on the market do. (Fructose is the most easily absorbed sugar; getting fructose and anti-oxidants at the same time helps the absorption process go more quickly). Related to this, it appears that Noni juice (like a lot of other fruit juices) triggers serotonin release in the brain, making it a mood elevator. In the end, Noni juice's benefits are substantial, and it's a good supplement. It's worth adding to your diet, but it's not an excuse to avoid your doctor, nor is it something you should over consume. It's not the secret of eternal youth; it's just a good dietary supplement, and given its benefits, that's enough. Article Source:

Juicing Benefits: 25 Ways in Which Juicing Can Turbo-Charge Your Life!

There are hundreds of ways in which juicing benefits your health and adds extra power to your nutrition plan. Here are the top 25. 1. Quick absorption of nutrients due to the fruits and vegetables being "pre-digested" and requiring little of your body in order to reap their nutritional benefits. 2. Fresh, raw juices contain many important enzymes that are destroyed in the process of making bottled, pasteurized juices or cooking. 3. Juicing is an easy way for people with gastrointestinal issues such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome to get the nutritional benefits from produce without the insoluble fiber that can potentially irritate sensitive intestinal tracts. 4. Juicing requires a large volume of produce. This results in increased nutritional density due to concentrating the juices of so many fruits and vegetables into one easy-to-drink glass of juice. 5. The high nutritional density of fresh juices results in many people experiencing juicing benefits like increased energy, decreased lethargy, better skin and hair, etc. 6. The chlorophyll in green juices is believed to have beneficial properties such as building the blood and protecting against the harmful effects of red meat consumption. 7. Consuming freshly made juices may help boost immunity. 8. Most fruits and vegetables contain powerful anti-cancer substances such as antioxidants. Juices are the most concentrated way to consume these substances and to harness their cancer-fighting properties. 9. For those on low-residue diets or who need to give their gastrointestinal system a rest, juicing is a great way to meet one's nutritional needs. 10. People who don't enjoy eating vegetables may find that vegetable juice is tolerable or even delicious, by itself or mixed with fruit juices. 11. Fresh juices can be used in salad dressings, marinades, mixed drinks, and other recipes. 12. Wheatgrass juice may help reduce chemotherapy side effects. 13. Many people have trouble consuming the recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables 14. People with reduced appetite due to medical conditions or medications may find it easier to meet their nutritional needs by incorporating juices into their diets. 15. Grape juice protects your cellular DNA from damage and protects cardiovascular health. 16. Juicing vegetables from the cabbage family (kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc.) concentrates their cancer-fighting phytochemicals 17. Raw juice contains enzymes that can help with digestion and defense against disease, and which are destroyed in pasteurized juices. 18. Juicing benefits the absorption of some nutrients, such as beta carotene, by removing fiber. 19. Many people consume too little water. Water is a main ingredient in fruits and vegetables and makes up the bulk of any juice. Juicing may increase a person's water intake. 20. Some healthcare practitioners believe the alkalizing effects of vegetables are beneficial for cancer patients and general human health, and juice is a way to increase these benefits. 21. Juices high in anti-inflammatory compounds such as Omega 3 fatty acids and certain antioxidants may help prevent or treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, asthma, eczema and heart disease. 22. Juicing concentrates Omega 3 fatty acids and therefore increases one's intake of these vital fats. 23. You can juice parts of the produce that may not be pleasant to eat whole, such as the greens of carrots and the skin of cucumbers. This also helps reduce waste and maximize your budget by using the entire plant. 24. Research shows that vegetable juices may help promote weight loss and weight management. 25. The biggest benefit of juicing is the most obvious: juices taste great! Article Source: