vendredi 6 décembre 2013

Juicing Benefits - Some Important Facts You Should Know

There are a number of juicing benefits that one can get once he or she starts such a practice. These benefits include: 1. Juicing fights cancer - There have been studies done that show that fruits provide more benefits when they're taken fresh and the same thing could be said about vegetables whenever they're eaten raw. One can easily have these benefits through juicing. Extracting the juices from both fresh fruits and vegetables provides the body with much needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it speeds up the body's digestive processes. 2. Boosts the immune system - Because of the nutrients, vitamins as well as minerals that one can get when one undergoes juicing, the immune system gets a boost and when the immune system gets a boost, the body has a higher chance to fight off sickness and disease. Aside from this, the body will also be less likely to contract sicknesses and diseases. 3. Encourages the consumption of fruits and vegetables - Even though the public is aware about the importance of taking in fruits and vegetables, lots of people are still not doing it. Fortunately, juicing helps in attracting and encouraging people to take in more fruits and vegetables. Besides, there are quite a number of delicious recipes for juices, making juicing a lot more enticing. 4. Getting more enzymes - Fresh fruit juices, vegetable juices and/or a combination of both can provide the body with enzymes that it needs. This is because of the reason that fresh fruits and vegetables don't contain any chemicals and/or preservatives, in addition to them not undergoing any heat that could otherwise kill the enzymes. 5. Slows down aging - One of the juicing benefits is that it delays the process of aging. Fruit as well as vegetable juices contain high amounts of anti-oxidants that help in fighting off the hazardous effects that are the result of having free radicals in your body. A few of these benefits include strengthening your muscles, preventing the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and drying skin, from manifesting themselves, just to name a few. 6. It's a natural way for one to lose weight - Drinking both fresh fruit as well as fresh vegetable juices as a part of your plans to lose weight is proven safe, effective and, not to mention, economical. With these fresh juices, you're letting your body increase its metabolic levels in order to burn higher amounts of calories, making you lose all that excess weight in the process. Article Source:

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